Phantom Moon cover art
John Lancaster
Phantom Moon
July 13, 2010
  1. This Fire Has Just Begun
  2. No Waking World
  3. When Shadows Grow Teeth
  4. Something to Fade Into
  5. A Burning Farewell to Us All
  6. Liars
  7. Mercurial
  8. Your Cautionary Tale
  9. The Impersonator
  10. Strange Ghosts
  11. Millions
  12. Forever the Alarmist
  13. Darkroom Doors
  14. Phantom Moon

John Lancaster – vocals, guitars, synth
Barry Smith – bass
Josh Adkins – drums on “A Burning Farewell to Us All”, “Forever the Alarmist”
Jude Blevins – drums on “This Fire Has Just Begun”, “Darkroom Doors”
Matt Wolfe – drums on “The Impersonator”, “Strange Ghosts”
Daniel Johnson – drums on “When Shadows Grow Teeth”, “Phantom Moon”
Rusty Knight – drums on “Something to Fade Into”, “Liars”, “Mercurial”, “Millions”
Elwood Francis – additional guitars and noise on “Liars”
Aaron Grubbs – additional guitars and synth on “A Burning Farewell to Us All”
Bud Carroll – intro guitars on “This Fire Has Just Begun”
Dave Angstrom – additional vocals on “Millions”
dUg Pinnick – additional vocals on “When Shadows Grow Teeth”

All songs written and produced by John Lancaster
Recorded and mixed by Barry Smith @ Binary Decibel Recording
Mastered by Russ Fox @ Broadmoor Recording
Artwork by Justin McCormick

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